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Portable Unit Substations

At Power Precision we design and build Portable Unit Substations for mining and other applications.  Our substations are custom designed for the application and include electrical and arc flash safety features such as:

  • Deadfront vacuum breakers on incoming supply
  • Vacuum contactors and remote controls for energizing feeder circuits
  • Separate main breaker compartment to lower arc flash energy in feeder breaker compartment
  • Remote operator handles to operate and lock breakers outside the enclosure
  • High resistance grounded neutral with resistor failure detection
  • Ground fault and ground check monitors on feeder circuits for mining applications
  • LED phase voltage indicators on 600 V outlets and 5 KV bus 
  • Fiber arc flash detection
  • High speed differential protection relays
  • Touch screen interfaces or pushbuttons for controls
  • Separate compartments for various levels of isolation
  • Analysis and design to meet reduced arc flash energy requirements

Substation enclosures and component layouts are engineered using 3D modelling.

We can also upgrade used substations with modern controls and features to improve safety, reliability and remote control.

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