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13.8KV Magne-Blast Vacuum Breaker Replacement

This is a replacement electrically operated vacuum breaker. This breaker was designed and build by Power Precision to install in existing 13.8kV Magne-blast switchgear.

Advantages of this new 13.8kV Vacuum Breaker include

  • Life extension of the existing GE Magne Blast switchgear avoiding extended downtime and much higher costs of a complete switchgear replacement.
  • Decreased failures due to fatigue and deterioration of mechanisms and components. This translates to better reliability, safety and lower maintenance costs.
  • Elimination of the asbestos containing arc chutes.
  • Lighter weight reducing wear on and risk of failure of breaker lifting mechanisms.
  • Upgrading one breaker at a time on scheduled outages with no additional downtime.
  • Vacuum enclosed contacts for improved safety and reliability.
  • Mechanical and electrical interlocks to mate with existing switchgear.
  • Improved breaker opening and closing time reducing electrical hazards related to arc flash energy.
  • Electrically operated mechanism eliminates loud damaging forces of the mechanical opening and closing mechanisms. This translates to more operations, less maintenance, less failures, less noise and faster operation. Ideal for motor applications.



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